AddVenture team up with Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport for 2023 BTCC season

April 27, 2023

Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport are delighted to announce that AddVenture, the experts in custom-built camper vans designed for thrill seekers, have joined the team’s and Jake Hill’s pursuit of glory this season in the 2023 British Touring Car Championship.

Long term friends and associates of the team and Jake Hill through their parent group, Advanced KFS, the exciting launch of the AddVenture brand adds a new dimension to the partnership this season with all parties uniting behind new goals this season.

AddVenture camper vans are purpose-designed for explorers who love the great outdoors, aligning perfectly with the passionate fanbase of the British Touring Car Championship. With flexible and versatile features within their two van models, AddVenture’s aim is to help outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds make the most of their journeys!

Hot off the back of the launch of the new AddVenture website and the launch of the Re-Cycle Van at the Cycle Show, this tops off an exciting few weeks for the founder, Ian Knight.

A huge advocate of adventurous lifestyles himself, Ian, is proud of AddVenture’s journey to date combining decades of commercial custom build experience across the UK with his own passions. Ian sees this year’s strengthened partnership as a real opportunity.
“We’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with AddVenture brand ambassador Jake Hill and showcasing the AddVenture brand on Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport’s car over the course of the 2023 BTCC season.

“This year is a big year for AddVenture and we are delighted to be strengthening our work with the team. Our custom built camper vans are built without compromise and are designed to allow our customers to take in their own adventures without any limits - we can’t wait to showcase our work and unique proposition to the BTCC fanbase.”

Sporting Director of Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport, Mark Blundell commented:

“We’re pleased to welcome Ian and the AddVenture team to our fantastic community of team partners. They have been a big part of the success that Jake has enjoyed over the years and we are hopeful for plenty more of that this season!”

AddVenture brand ambassador and BTCC fan-favourite, Jake Hill added:

“I’m really pleased to see that AddVenture are continuing their involvement with our BTCC programme. The team have been a huge support to me over the years and you will yet again see me reaping the benefits of one of their AddVenture vehicles trackside yet again this year. I know it’s a big year for AddVenture, as it is for me and the team, so I hope we can all be celebrating come the end of the year!”

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