Blue Square and Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport extend their strategic partnership

April 11, 2024

Award-winning brand engagement agency, Blue Square, has extended its strategic partnership with Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport into a sixth term as the team prepares for the 2024 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship.

A key part of the team’s journey from the very start, Blue Square know a thing or two about building winning teams on behalf of some of the world’s most loved brands whether it’s building brand love, growing sales or increasing customer loyalty. And, most recently, injecting X into Xperience with their specialist team at Blue Square X who devise, create and implement winning experiences across rewards, incentives, conferences, events and experiential.  

For both MB Motorsport and Blue Square, the importance of engaging with their partners and championing a positive and productive working culture have been the key tenets of a strong and effective partnership which has stood the test of time.

Now entering their sixth year of working together, the organisations continue to explore new areas of collaboration to drive forward new conversations and strengthen existing ones both on and off the track.

Mark Blundell, Sporting Director of Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport, is delighted to extend the partnership with the team at Blue Square into the 2024 season.

“Our partnership with Blue Square is a fantastic example of two organisations forged by shared values working together successfully. As with many of our partners, they are much more than that - supporting us strategically as we collaborate to explore how our team can continue to innovate and engage our clients, fans and partners in new and exciting ways. We are ever grateful for their continued support and look forward to another year of success and partnership.”

Andrew Leaver, CEO of Blue Square, shares in Mark’s enthusiasm for the continued collaboration. 

MB Motorsport prioritise excellent client delivery and execution which is a value we share very strongly here at Blue Square. As an organisation, we champion sustainable partnerships and the longevity of our effective and enjoyable relationship with MB Motorsport is an excellent example of that. We look forward to supporting the team once again as we both look to stay at the front of our respective fields in 2024.”

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