Gratte Brothers Group and MB Motorsport extend their long-running partnership into 2024

April 15, 2024

Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport is pleased to announce the extension of their well-established partnership with Gratte Brothers Group, one of the UK’s leading independent building services companies - with three generations of trustworthy expertise.

This special partnership is one that is held very dearly by MB Motorsport, but especially for the team’s Sporting Director Mark Blundell. Gratte Brothers represented Mark's first-ever corporate sponsor over thirty-five years ago and have supported him in every venture across his career since.

A proud family business that now finds itself within the hands of the third generation of the Gratte family, Gratte Brothers provides a complete range of electrical, mechanical, security and commercial catering group services. Last year, the Gratte Brothers team worked closely with MB Motorsport to build engagement for the partnership across the group’s employees to great effect and both parties look forward to accelerating that success in 2024.

Sporting Director of Laser Tools Racing with MB Motorsport, Mark Blundell, is proud to continue an association that has transcended his whole career.

“The Gratte Brothers relationship is such a special one for me, and it has definitely played a huge part in my career. I am so proud to see how much the relationship has developed over the last three decades, and that Gratte Brothers are now within the MB Motorsport operation. It is great to see the business go from strength to strength, and it is a pleasure to be working with the third generation of the Gratte family who continue to drive successes in all they do as a business.”

Group Managing Director of Gratte Brothers, David Gratte, shares in Mark’s pride at the continued relationship.

“The longevity of our partnership with first Mark personally and now MBP and MB Motorsport is well known. Our team worked incredibly successfully together to bring new attention onto our work together and this drives real engagement across our business. We look forward to building on this momentum in 2024 and wish Jake and all the team the very best for the season ahead.”

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